Cellular Agriculture Canada: The solution to the challenge of world food demand

Cellular Agriculture Canada is a national interdisciplinary organization with a mission to support and promote the industry and research of cell farming in Canada.

The demand to feed a global population of 10 billion by 2050 is challenging our food systems. A recent report published by the World Economic Forum, “Meat: Future Series – Alternative Proteins,” has shown that relying solely on animal husbandry to meet future protein needs could have serious consequences for the environment, safety and security. food and world health. This problem has raised the question of how we can continue to produce healthy, safe and accessible food in a more sustainable way.

Yadira Tejeda is a food scientist with more than a decade of experience in the food industry and academia, including food policy. Cellular agriculture represents the perfect opportunity, where her beliefs, experience and interests converge.
Yadira will announce cellular agriculture with the aim of arousing the curiosity of all attendees about the potential of this new industry, in the Webinar that he has prepared with ISAM for next July 2, in English.

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