Master in International
Agribusiness Management Online

Learn to lead International Agribusiness

The Master in International Agribusiness Management Online (MIAM online) is an online programme designed for professionals who seek to develop their careers in the international agribusiness sector in combination with their jobs and family lives.

The MIAM online programme offers students the opportunity to learn from leading professionals in the sector in the most flexible way. With this master you will acquire a 360º overview of the agroalimentary value chain by coming closer to the international reality of the sector through projects and real case studies.

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By studying in one of the world’s leading agricultural schools, you will receive a practical education with a strong focus on agritech, marketing, innovation, and entrepreneurship. This course provides the essential foundations for a successful career in agribusiness management by teaching an extensive range of skills including communication, logistics, finance, operations and sustainability. Share a classroom with diverse leaders of tomorrow from around the world and transform the agricultural world.


11 months






Part time



Start date

November 2022



If you want to start your own company, take your current company to the next level or start your international career in the agricultural sector those are the main skills where you need to succeed.

Leadership Skills and Personal Development

  • Cross-sectional skills
  • Development of potential

Finance & Accounting in the Agribusiness World

  • Accounting Fundamentals
  • Management Accounting
  • Financing and Investment
  • Fintech

Global challenges and solutions in the Agribusiness sector

  • Opportunities and challenges
  • Agribusiness and the opportunity to lead the action
  • Cost and impact of the challenges for the leaders of the sector
  • RSC

Strategy in the Agribusiness companies

  • Strategic direction
  • Legal context in agricultural companies agropecuarias
  • Agribusiness
  • Business Intelligence

The Agricultural World: Sustainable Future of the Sector

  • Sustainability in the company’s strategy
  • Environmental law

Operations and Supply Chain in a global agro sector

  • Operations
  • Agro-logistics
  • Quality management
  • Purchases

People Management

  • Talent management in agricultural companies
  • Salaries, contracts and contributions
  • Influence of trade unions in modern companies


Marketing and sales in the Agricultural sector

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Corporate Marketing
  • Sales
  • Neurosales

Innovation processes

  • Innovation
  • Product development


Put all the knowledge you acquire in practice by doing a final project in a company of the sector.

20+ practical case studies

Programme Objectives

Gain the essential knowledge and confidence to change the rules of the agricultural sector. 

Becoming a leader is challenging if you are not properly trained. 

At ISAM you will develop your soft and interpersonal skills that are needed to successfully run any company in the agricultural sector.

Are you a leader or a follower?

A leader is visionary, curious, observant, listens carefully and is able to take risks. Becoming a leader can be a tough road if you are not properly accompanied.

In MIAM online you will develop the skills necessary to successfully run any company in the agricultural sector. Get the knowledge and confidence you need to change the rules of the agricultural world.


MIAM students are graduates and professionals with a desire to learn from the world’s leading agribusiness thinkers and a willingness to commit to a full-time study programme.

Open-minded leaders wanting to develop their careers within a multicultural environment. Studying in Almería, one of the main agricultural hubs in the world, students will gain an international perspective of the sector.

Students profile

This master’s degree is designed for professionals who work or want to work in companies involved in the entire agricultural supply chain.

Average age

31 years on average

Work experience

9 years of professional experience on average

 Raysa Rosmery Paulino de Luna
Raysa Rosmery Paulino de LunaProject Manager in Katana Labs, Dominican Republic
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"I want to build my career in Agribusiness Management. Coming from Nigeria, I see a huge skill gap in modern agricultural technologies and practices. There's a huge and untapped market here. I want to acquire academic exposure and professional work experiences to enable me attain my goal of revolutionizing Agribusiness in my country and other parts of Africa."
 Byron Montero Villacrés
Byron Montero VillacrésGeneral Manager in Koppert, Ecuador
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"One of the most important things that ISAM gave me is the opportunity of networking with people from different countries. Thanks to new technologies we could create a professional relationship and know how the agricultural sector works in different parts of the world. I am sure that ISAM students will lead the international agricultural sector."

Trust our Methodology

The capabilities of the employees and leaders of a company is a source of competitive advantage.

Managers and middle managers of the main companies in the agricultural sector trust ISAM’s learning by doing methodology.


Our specialized program guides students on an exciting and intensive learning journey towards achieving their career goals.

Scholarship and Financial Aid

A commitment to young talent, diversity and equal opportunities for future leaders in the Agri-sector. ISAM Scholarships Program is a unique tool for young graduates who want to grow professionally in the agricultural sector and need financial help to study at ISAM.

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