This document represents the most recent version of INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF AGRI MANAGEMENT (ISAM) terms and conditions for the program selected.

These are subject to change with or without notice, and the most recent version is also available online at www.isam.education

These terms and conditions are complementary to the general ones.


1. Payments

The students who start the application process for ISAM Masters must make the following payments.

a) Total Tuition Fee


This amount includes visa and academic report (This document is mandatory for those who have studied abroad)

b) Application fee: 90€

c) Confirmation deposit: 1500€. This amount will be discounted from the total tuition fee (it is not refundable).


2. Payments Facilities

One payment

Before 26th of February – 4% discount FINAL TUITION FEE

Three payments

Before 1 august – 2% discount FINAL TUITION FEE

– You can pay the tuition in up to 3 installments before starting the course.

– You can use it in combination with any other type of financial aid that you could receive.

– Our installment payment plans do not accrue interest and do not require pre-approval.

– For students who decide to take advantage of a payment plan of more than 3 installments, ISAM will charge €100 for administrative services.

Note: *Please bear in mind that all the payments need to be done before the start of the course. For those students that have not made all the payments on time, ISAM has the right to decide if they will start the program or not.


3. Enquiries

For any questions you can contact:

ISAM Administrion Deparment

Mail: admon@isam.education | Phone: + 34 680 358 464


4. Methods of Payment

Foreign transaction fees and currency exchange rates can be costly and time-consuming to find the best provider, which is why ISAM is offering through payment providers a cost-efficient, reliable, and fast way to make payments.

The Application Fee can be paid:

— By the Online Application portal payment service*

The Confirmation Deposit will be paid:

– By Flywire

The remaining charges can be paid:

– By Flywire

*The online application portal provides customized bank details so students can pay in their local currency (Flywire), and ensures the correct amount due in invoiced currency is received by ISAM and applied to the student account in the fastest way possible.

Depending on the student’s location different payment methods are available (bank transfer, credit card, and other online platforms).


5. Visa

ISAM helps international students with their visas and make sure the visa process is managed optimally.

To start managing the student visa, the student needs:

1. To be accepted into the program

2. To have paid the confirmation deposit (1.500€)

3. To have paid the first installment

Those students who decided to withdraw their application after initiating the visa process will be charged with an extra 400€. The confirmation deposit is not refundable.

Those students who decide to withdraw their application after having their visa will be charged an extra 300€ (700€ in total). The confirmation deposit is not refundable.

In the case that the student holding a Visa decides to withdraw their application ISAM will contact the Embassy to cancel the student Visa. Thus, it will be illegal for the student to enter the country under a Student Visa with ISAM.


6. Insurance Cover

Your health and wellness are important to us, which is why we require all students to have adequate insurance coverage. As it may be challenging for students to

ensure insurance coverage in a foreign country ISAM has negotiated a tailor-made

student insurance coverage option for our students.


7. Admission Policy

The admissions policy of ISAM is intended to assess how an applicant might contribute to and benefit from an intensive graduate business education in a culturally diverse institutional environment. It reflects a holistic approach to application review, based on (1) Basic Admissions Criteria, (2) Primary Personal Factors, and (3) Secondary Personal Factors, as set forth below:

Basic Admissions Criteria

1. Undergraduate degree

2. Undergraduate transcript

3. Letters of recommendation

4. English language proficiency

5. Statement of purpose

6. Résumé

7. Satisfactory Admission Interview

Primary Personal Factors

1. Career goals

2. Entrepreneurial skills

3. Evidence of: — Leadership — Professional promise — Motivation and drive — Overcoming adversity


8. Financial Aid Policy

ISAM awards merit-based scholarships as well as need-based grants and other financial assistance to eligible students. The ISAM Financial Aid policy is intended to advance the School’s mission to deliver a useful and enduring business education to international professionals. It is based on the following objectives:

(1) to promote a nationally, culturally, and ethnically diverse student body,

(2) to encourage outstanding applicants to enroll in the ISAM Program, and

(3) to provide financial assistance to qualified applicants in need of such assistance.

Consistent with these objectives, ISAM has set forth the following guidelines for the awarding of bursaries, grants, fellowships, and other forms of financial aid: All such awards should be based on the following criteria:

1. Country of origin (to ensure national, cultural, and ethnic diversity)

2. Financial need

3. Specialized knowledge, skills, and/or expertise and Agri Sector environment 

4. Career goals

5. Entrepreneurial skills

6. Community, public, or national service

7. Evidence of — Leadership — Professional promise — Motivation and drive — Resilience in the face of adversity

Withdrawals and Refunds, Refund Schedule, Dismissal from the Program 

Read the General Terms and Conditions


9. Internships

They are configured as academic activities that are part of the program’s study plan. They are compulsory as long as there is no alternative subject for which they can be substituted.

They are managed through the Academic Director, which maintains an active relationship with companies and organizations to identify internship opportunities and promote the candidacy of students and, in the event that the student is selected to carry out the internships, it also manages the subscription of the corresponding Educational Cooperation Agreement. 

Likewise, it will process the subscription of this agreement when the student has obtained by himself a collaborating entity was to carry out the practices, provided that the assumption complies with the current regulations and with the requirements established in the study plan of the program taken.

Students who demonstrate professional experience in a field related to their studies may request recognition as curricular internships, as long as the program allows it.

To this end, the student must submit a formal request through admon@isam.education that must be accompanied by the required documentation.

The said request will be evaluated and will be resolved accordingly.

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