Precision agriculture: agricultural drone

Every aspect of society has evolved during the last few decades due to technological innovations and, little by little, precision agriculture arose.

We call this evolution precision agriculture and it is actually “traditional” agriculture but with new technological changes, that is, applying new technologies to it. 

The aim of agriculture is to improve the quality of the products and the efficiency of the agricultural procedures. Another objective is to decrease the effects that precision agriculture may have in the ecosystem by reducing its negative impact on the environment.

Use of technologies: drones

Among the new technologies used in precision agriculture we can find agricultural drones but, what is a drone?

A drone is also known as UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and it is an aerial vehicle that can be controlled in the distance by a person or it can self-fly. The latter can be carried out by flight plans controlled by mobile phones or tablets.

What are the functions of an agricultural drone?

The agricultural drone is a technological invention of precision agriculture through which you can perform several agro functions:

  • Spotting agricultural plagues and reducing their appearances and the problems they cause faster.
  • Monitoring crops both in the inside and the outside (weather changes)
  • Fumigating crops efficiently. It helps to reduce in a significant way everything that can negatively affect agricultural products. 
  • Another function of agricultural drones or UAV is the spraying of any product that helps to improve the quality of the products and, even, to avoid some plagues.

Benefits of an agricultural drone

The main benefits of an agricultural drone or UAV are that thanks to it, crops can be monitored in the distance, so you can save time not commuting to it.

Another benefit is that by using the agricultural drone you can reduce the time of fumigation or spraying, compared to performing this task manually. 

Finally, another benefit that we can highlight is that the agricultural drone could reach the places that are difficult for people but easy for this technological innovation. 

ISAM and new technologies use

In the International School of Agri Management we center our education in new technologies and innovations.

Therefore, our Agribusiness certifications and masters are based on the development of these changes, so that students can know them better.

To sum up, our school is centered in traditional agriculture as well as it is adapted to new technologies precision agriculture.

In ISAM Education you can find educational training like Digital Leadership in the Agro sector, which has the aim of making the student capable of leading a digital transformation process in an organization of the agricultural sector with success.

Students need to learn how technological tools work and how to use them. Learning to differentiate them, and to choose the most suitable is key to their companies.

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