Thomas Froehlicher, Director General and Dean, and Santiago Garcia, Associate Director General and Dean of the Global School at Rennes School of Business

They granted us an interesting interview in first person related to the current situation of the agriculture and how they improve the agribusinesses with their companies


Thomas: COVID19 has shown the importance of the agriculture sector both socially and economically. Do you think that the sector will demand professionals in agribusiness  trained in schools like ISAM?

I believe that the Covid-19 demonstrates the need for a strong agricultural sector and this can only be achieved and driven by highly trained professionals. That´s why I believe in the importance of ISAM educating on such a fundamental field,

As we have seen, the agricultural sector is a central block of society. We have witnessed how we are able to survive without tings we considered as normal in our daily lives: traveling, entertainment, etc. However, the most basic fundamental need, food, remains a vital one for survival.


Thomas: You are based in an agricultural region in France, Brittany. What are the most important agricultural sub-sectors in the region?

Brittany is one of the strongest areas of importance in the agricultural landscape in France, particularly in respect to dairy production, where its standing goes beyond France and Europe, as this region is the second biggest producer of milk in the world. This has created a wealth of industry that exports not only products but unique know-how.


Santiago: You have an amazing experience in the Higher Education sector in different leadership positions in the US, UK, Germany, Belgium and France, working for very international institutions. How do you see the future of the business schools?


I see education in general, and business education in particular, as a fundamental piece for the development of a society. Business Schools have a bright future, as ensuring education as a right can only bring us prosperity.

Today, more than ever, business education is relevant to build a more sustainable and fair world. It´s vital to train our future business leaders and workforce at the highest standards of responsibility, accountability and commitment so companies work more effectively in making the world a better place, one where poverty, inequality, access to food, etc. are as important as improving the bottom line. This is, in fact, why our programs at Rennes School of Business, gravitate around those elements and we contribute to the betterment of society by providing it with responsible and effective business leaders.


Santiago: Rennes School of Business is an academic shareholder of ISAM. What attracted you to support ISAM?

Yes, indeed, we are founding academic partners and we are very proud of this. We were involved in the conception of ISAM first in an informal manner, providing insights and strategic advice. From that process we were absolutely convinced that the idea was a winning proposition and that the School would provide society with something we were currently lacking. It was very important in making the decision to support ISAM the motivation of the founding team and their competence, ambition and level of professionalism, which was an immediate decisive factor in trusting this project.

Also, from a personal standpoint, I can say that it is an absolute delight to realize now that our appraisal was correct and the whole ISAM team is delivering on its promises and changing the landscape of business education in such an impactful manner.


Thomas: After visiting Almería, what do you think about Almeria as a location for an agribusiness school?

Almería is a perfect location for an Agribusiness school. We must bear in mind that educational institutions must be close to the people they serve and also to the environment they intend to impact. Being one of the most important regions in Europe in the production of fresh vegetables and other agricultural produce, Almería has a unique setting that offers ISAM a fertile ground to flourish. I believe that there is no better lab to implement new knowledge than Almería when it comes to the Agribusiness activity.


Santiago: What type of programs do you see that ISAM and Rennes School of Business can develop together?

We are already jointly offering executive education and other short programs and we are now in the phase of launching a joint bachelor degree as well as masters programs.

The unique combination of the dynamism, location, and know-how of ISAM in agricultural matters, and Rennes School of Business seal of quality and international reputation brought by the Triple Accreditation (EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA) make this an unparalleled offer to students. We are the only alliance of schools worldwide that offer these unique strengths and this will definitely enhance the quality of our programs as well as the learning experience and employability of our graduates.

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