What is ecological agriculture?

Ecological agriculture

In Spain, the average interest in ecological agriculture reaches 70% of Spanish people, according to an estimate of each subregion in the country. We hear the concept “Ecological Agriculture” millions of times and the perception that we have on this is very wide, so we are going to give a clear, specific and concise definition.

Ecological Agriculture is a type of agriculture that focuses on the fact that its actions do not have a negative impact on the environment or on animals. It produces products of the highest quality for those who decide to consume them. 

Environment, Health and Animal Protection

As we say, ecological agriculture has a commitment of responsibility with the environment both at levels of fauna and flora. In the production process, it avoids using chemical products that harm or pollute the soil or animals in the ecosystem.

Apart from respecting the environment, when avoiding pesticides it directly reflects a greater quality of the final product and, therefore, in our health. As a result, the consumption of ecological products will bring a series of benefits in human beings, both at digestive and cognitive levels. At the same time it will protect us from undesirable diseases and it will make a difference compared to altered products thanks to its natural treatment.



This type of agriculture pays special attention to the defense of biodiversity, going beyond monocultivations, which translates in the use of the same soil for different types of crops. This way it increases the resistance of the field and protects it by reducing plagues and reinforces it against climate change.


The importance of Ecological Agriculture

In the last few years in Spain, thanks to the improvement of the technologies and the evolution of the consumer profile (who is more and more exigent and committed to the environment that surrounds it), ecological agriculture is gaining presence. For that, it is of the utmost importance for consumers that the products they consume do not contain pesticides or harmful chemical products used in their production. As we see, the concerns of consumers today do not remain only in the products, they go beyond. Now, consumers are also very concerned about animals and climate change.

Due to the great importance that ecological agriculture has nowadays, ISAM Education has decided to train recent graduates and experts in this progress that the society is undergoing with our masters, as well as with our courses, in order to keep improving ecological agriculture. Our masters are centered in the business world, something that can be very helpful when managing ecological produce companies.

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